Certified Karlka Business

Company Profile

Pilbara Quarries was formed specifically to service the Pilbara with quality quarry products, plus mining and civil support services in high demand throughout the region. Pilbara Quarries skill base, professionalism and work ethic has been gained from years of experience working on large and diverse civil projects ranging from highway construction to infill sewer extensions. Stewart Drage and Martin Shuttleworth are the two Owners/Directors of Pilbara Quarries. Stewart Drage is a Nyiyaparli Traditional Owner, dedicated to the region in supporting local business providing opportunities for local people. We take immense pride in bringing our expertise to bear to provide a local indigenous service in the Pilbara. 

Martin Shuttleworth
Pilbara Quarries
Co-Founder & Director

Stewart Drage
Pilbara Quarries
Co-Founder & Director

Our Values

Aboriginal Engagement

At the core of Pilbara Quarries’ values is its commitment to establishing and operating a highly skilled and professional Aboriginal company as a platform that provides opportunities for other Aboriginal businesses, people and communities.


We are dedicated to establishing
and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial working relationships
across the mining and resource sector and with Aboriginal communities throughout the Pilbara region.

The Environment

Through its management, Pilbara Quarries possesses, an extensive knowledge of the land, both in the Pilbara and wider Western Australia, Pilbara Quarries instils in its workforce environmental and spiritual respect for country.


Pilbara Quarries aims to deliver quality products and services. To achieve this, we will ensure all work conducted aligns with the highest standards through our Integrated Management System (IMS).